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Time spent in the land of nod affects our appearance, health, mood and performance. Just because you can survive with less sleep, doesn’t mean you wouldn’t benefit from more of it, says naturopath Deanna Copland.
When it comes to Scotland’s whisky regions, Hayden Preece says there are only four worth knowing about.
This delicious recipe is easier than you might think!
Leeks are so much gentler on my digestive system than their relatives garlic and onions, plus they have a delicate sweetness when cooked that is quite satisfying.
Who has a love hate relationship with Christmas cake?
All the right ingredients have come together for Jamie and Kade Prouting, despite their son’s dislike of cake.
The Dunedin food truck scene is a worthy addition to your summer road trip stops. We chat with two vendors about the ups and downs of food truck life.
You won’t find a coffee machine at Sue Gidden’s café and restaurant tucked away in the countryside.
Meet the Christchurch cafe recreated in just four days.
For a sweet treat and a caffeine hit, these little beauties will keep you going.
Love the pudding, now love the cookies
The recently launched Whittaker’s Cocoa Lovers Collection is Whittaker's darkest chocolate range ever.
Three young farmers decided to combine their organic vegetable farms and have ended up creating a thriving business in Leeston.
A special dessert treat, raw goodies at Riverside and two craft brewers cooking up something new.
By simply buying a coffee, you could pay it forward to a deserving person this week. 
Try this delicious fritter recipe made with the humble parsnip for Sunday brunch.
When Toni Wikatene was diagnosed with a health problem about four years ago, she was determined not to rely on pills to manage it. Instead, she started brewing kombucha.
It makes a perfect gift, uses up lemons and eggs and can be smothered onto and into everything from pancakes to yoghurt, to frozen desserts.
It's high time you tasted the award-winning ice cream made by a former Christchurch resident.
Fruit leather is surprisingly easy to make, writes Kiwi Gardener's Kristina Jensen.
It’s hot, sweet and can even be used as a sauce for a pizza.
A perfect little treat to enjoy with your feet up and a cup of tea.
What a quick tasty treat for Easter? Don't have any yeast? Let us introduce you to our little friend, the delectable hot cross scone.
Meet the Christchurch artist and fashion designer who deconstructs and then recreates garments.
We all have special recipes. Those that bring with them fond and beautiful memories. We asked our team to share with you their favourites and the stories behind them.
Promising all the flavour and none of the nasties, alcohol-free Seedlip cocktails might be just what you need this summer.
Noteworthy places to eat and drink this spring.
The South Island’s culinary scene is constantly evolving and we’re not complaining.
With so many incredible eateries springing up around our city, there’s never been a better time to tuck in.
When Cadbury manufacturing went to Tasmania, it could have spelt the end of Dunedin’s rich chocolate history. However, up stepped OCHO, and the new chocolate factory tour might change your cravings forever..
As the temperatures drop, the South Island is getting warmer with enticing winter menus available at all our favourite local haunts.
This month, we get a taste for Eastern European cuisine.
There’s no doubt about it, New Zealand is a foodie mecca. We are blessed with incredible produce and many talented chefs.
The free-range grazing of holiday life is over and school is back in session.
Vanessa Ortynsky catches up with Marion Smith to discover a growing world of colour and beauty.
Smokey T's, Moment Cafe, Nimpression and Bessie all make the cut for this month's food news.
Chef Tim Nott of the recently refurbished Aikman’s in Merivale has Christmas sorted three ways, with traditional, vegeterian and vegan recipes.
Dorset Street, Fush, EntZ eateries, Ode and Grizzly all make the cut for December's food news.
Is fat still something to fear or something to revere? High-protein, low-carb diets are the diets du jour going into 2019 but if you’re dallying with keto first consider whether you could stomach 1500 calories from fat a day.
Vanessa Ortynsky satisfies her thirst for Aperol Spritz and Central Otago wines at a few of the adventure capital’s standout eateries.
Shake things up a bit and mix yourself something special.
At long last, it’s time to come out of hibernation because with the warmer weather comes scope for wining and dining in the great outdoors.
Sure, there’s Napa and Champagne, Tuscany and our own fair country, but where should you point your nose if you’re searching for something a little different?
All the best foodie finds from August, including The Fermentist, Food on Q, Little Blackwood, BANG BANG and Southside Social.
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