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Deadly Ponies, a New Zealand leather accessories label, has released their latest collection to coincide with the Together Today seven-hour fashion event.
A tribute to a father and an exploration of the concept of constant change has seen two Otago fashion students named as finalists in the iD International Emerging Designer Awards. 
A seven-hour online shopping event will provide the “shot in the arm” the New Zealand fashion industry needs in the aftermath of Covid-19 lockdown. 
A Christchurch fashion store has released a new coat range with matching face masks.
It’s a fact children are more likely to eat something if they know where it comes from or, better still, if they have grown it, so get them out in the garden this autumn.
Millie Lovelock picked up one of New Zealand’s most prestigious contemporary music prizes this week but opportunities for celebration were limited.
Have some late-season plums hanging around? Try Kiwi Gardener's Marilyn Wightman's cobbler recipe to warm you from the inside out on these cooler autumn nights. 
Here is one for the discerning foodies among you. How does chocolate honey sound?  
When Toni Wikatene was diagnosed with a health problem about four years ago, she was determined not to rely on pills to manage it. Instead, she started brewing kombucha.
It's high time you tasted the award-winning ice cream made by a former Christchurch resident.
It makes a perfect gift, uses up lemons and eggs and can be smothered onto and into everything from pancakes to yoghurt, to frozen desserts.

Let us introduce you to your new favourite way to serve up mashed potato. Words & Photo Kristina Jensen Some years ago, when visiting a friend and her incredible library of books on all manner […]
It’s hot, sweet and can even be used as a sauce for a pizza.
Bowron Sheepskins has teamed with footwear label Mi Piaci to produce several shearling styles.
Fruit leather is surprisingly easy to make, writes Kiwi Gardener's Kristina Jensen.
Popcorn paired with a cheeky tequila while watching Tiger King? Don’t mind if we do indeed.  
Debra Cruickshank is a one-woman port producing band. The Cromwell winemaker has a four-legged boss named Jade and an appetite for hard work. 
A perfect little treat to enjoy with your feet up and a cup of tea.
A list of places offering pickup or delivery services around Canterbury during Level 3.
Stirred into Greek yoghurt, this curd creates something quite special.
Christchurch Art Gallery launches its first online-only exhibition featuring the work of New Zealand artists.
Kiwi Gardener's Marilyn Wightman shares her plant-based alternatives to the meat patty.  Rather than slapping a T-bone steak in the pant, here are some plant-based burger patty ideas to try. Even the children will enjoy these […]
Chestnuts are a great food for vegans because their protein is very similar to that of eggs. Try this chilli chestnut soup to warm up on those colder evenings.
When we can travel beyond our regions, Gillian Vine will be heading straight the place where she can get whitebait pizza.
When a group of like-minded people saw a gap in the market, they decided to produce a product focused on organic principles and superior taste. 
A certified passive house, this Dunedin home stays at a comfortable temperature year-round while needing very little energy to operate.
Shocking Pink's Anna Manson works supporting women with breast cancer. She talks about scan anxiety and the ‘other side’ of cancer.
The 90s. Where apparently you wore cute matching plaid outfits with your bestie while talking on oversized cellphones with antennas. Yikes.
Dr Hiltrun Ratz works on the Otago Peninsula watching the soap opera that is the Pukekura little blue penguin colony unfold. Full of divorces, recoupling and swearing, she has a busy job with her two-legged friends.
There is usually that person at work who is known for baking up a storm and bringing in the goodness for all to enjoy. We at Style are a bit spoilt because we have several talented […]
Tuscany Hamel provides step-by-step instructions to get a soft wave without any heat or styling tools, giving your hair a well-earned rest
Try this little beauty and you’ll likely have everyone lining up for seconds.
An elderly factory full of Vespas has been turned into a shared workspace in Christchurch, with an almost transcendental feeling due to clever design. And it all started at a rugby club in Rio de Janeiro.
When an RSA and a bowling club teamed up with an award-winning architect, a few brews and laughs were guaranteed to spill over.
For interior designer Katy Husband,  the kitchen is a busy hub full of life and love. When redesigning, she says function and beauty need to work together.
Queenstown musician Margaret O’Hanlon talks to Style about her disastrous first time on stage and why she was not of ‘sound mind’ when she married.
It’s very easy to fall in love with the Vuittons and Guccis of the world with their exorbitant marketing budgets and global reach, but I promise, you would fall head over heels for our local designers and retailers if you only knew their story.
Pies and chips were a popular takeaway during the 1980s in Dunedin. But a young couple from England decided to add aromatic food to the mix, paying homage to a very special kitchen in India.
A quest to bring Cantabrians a perfect-tasting Vietnamese pho took Bernie Luu back to Hanoi, where she grew up. 
Homes with incredible views and a winery tasting room are among the shortlisted finalists for the 2020 Southern Architecture Awards.
In our fashion dance among the decades, we take a look at the 1990 - 2000s. Yes, there is a bit of cringe involved during these years fashion-wise, but thank goodness for one TV programme, t saves the day.
Chef Hannes Bareiter was about to open a new restaurant when lockdown happened - but at least now his hens now have a new house.
Been spending a bit more time in the garden? Well, some veges thrive in cooler soil temperatures, which makes it a handy time to plant if you can get some seeds at the supermarket during lockdown.
Spending all this time at home, you may find your mind wandering to those things you would like to do to introduce a bit of change. But to trend or not to trend?
'Naughty' smoothie ideas to make your Easter a little bit spicy.
April is known as nature’s planting time, which is good timing for us. Here are a few top tips for what you can potter away at in the garden.
Time for a face mask? Or a delicious dessert? Turns out walnuts can help you with both.
Have you ever wanted to trace your family tree but have never had the time?
The originals may be out of sight but you can still enjoy the art and even create your own digital exhibition from the online collection of Christchurch Art Gallery Te Puna o Waiwhetū.
How do children think the Easter Bunny will deliver this Easter?
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