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Clever landscaping in the outdoor kitchen and around the pool gave this entertainer’s home a resort feel. Words Anna Wallace; Photos Sarah Rowlands.
As 2021 comes to a close, we ask Kiwis with Canadian, Filipino and Argentinian heritage to reflect and share their festive traditions. Words Anna Wallace
We’re so excited to bring you a special section just for teens and tweens these holidays. Plus, we've got some online-only content to keep you ticking over.
Camping is one of our favourite national pastimes. There’s nothing like setting off in a jam-packed car, kicking daily routines, sleeping under canvas, cooking al fresco and exploring nature in jandals. Words Anna Wallace
We've got some mind-engaging activities for you to print off and ponder over these holidays, including puzzles and colouring-in posters.
In Lynette McFadden’s own words, “it’s been challenging at times” over the past two years. The real estate icon shares how she’s dedicated herself to wellbeing, without compromising on her values or professionalism. Words Anna Wallace Photos Darin Young
Check out these listings for ideas of things to do and places to go across the South Island.
Flying the flag for New Zealand’s Paralympic team in Tokyo was Will Stedman. Nine years after he first imagined competing, the Cantabrian has secured a suite of medals across two Games. Fellow Port Hills Athletic Club runner, Louie Howell, discovers what propels him.
These easy smoothie and lentil pattie recipes are full of goodness for teen health.
With all the regulatory changes this year, is an investment property still a wealth-creation tool? Financial adviser Sarah Bayley offers some insight.
If you tend to overeat at times, naturopath Deanna Copland suggests these simple changes will help you to avoid going too far.
As part of the SCAPE Public Art Season 2021, new installations by two South Island female artists honour the past and their botanic surroundings.
Dr Katherine Townend is a doctor with a difference – helping to look after patients in the sky. She describes what it’s like being an aeromedical specialist, and why the flying doctor service is so important. Words Anabel Darby Photos Supplied
Addington Raceway has had to change its event plans more than once in the past few months. Now, brand champion Carlo Gomez is on a mission to bring the whole country on the Cup Week journey. Words Anna Wallace
Kate Preece finds there’s more to this pocket rocket than meets the eye. Photos Klaudia Krupa
There are many factors to consider when choosing a floor covering. Natural or synthetic? Easy-to-clean or noise-cancelling? Hard-wearing or plush? Michelle Laming shares her interior know-how.
Known for producing bold yet dreamy paintings, Clare Reilly’s latest creation casts an artist’s eye over her own life. Interspersing Clare’s art with her fascinating story, the book Eye of the Calm holds lessons for us all. Words Anna Wallace
The primary sector has been eagerly following the journey navigated by a southern fisherman who is leading the way in sustainable fishing. Words Anna Wallace
Inspired by our Aussie friends, The Crossing Fashion Starts Here competition is going digital, so it’s more accessible than ever. Get your friends together, get dressed up and get snapping!
Food fuels us. It gives us pleasure. It connects us to friends and family. But for many eaters, the land and people who produce our food can seem distant. We all have a yearning for connection, and food plays an intimate part of that, says Eat New Zealand CEO Angela Clifford in conversation with Anna Wallace.
No matter which level we end up in, Cup Week will take place this November and our special edition is sure to get you excited.
Discover fresh produce near you – available to order or purchase from local producers, or able to be grown and harvested in your community.
After two iconic decades, the upcoming exhibition will be the last. Ady Shannon talks with two of the local artists who’ll feature.
Time spent in the land of nod affects our appearance, health, mood and performance. Just because you can survive with less sleep, doesn’t mean you wouldn’t benefit from more of it, says naturopath Deanna Copland.
With youngsters in tow, Caroline Sills grew her fashion label from basement beginnings. Four decades later, those children now lead key aspects of the iconic retail brand. Words by Juliet Speedy.
Science tells us that women of all ages can experience hair loss, for one of many reasons. Four Canterbury ladies speak up in the hope of banishing shame and highlighting the options available. Words by Anna Wallace.
When it comes to Scotland’s whisky regions, Hayden Preece says there are only four worth knowing about.
What does the future hold for those of us yearning to travel the high seas once more? Ady Shannon discovers how cruise operators are charting a new era.
Ironically for someone who’s a Cup Day judge, stylist Lou Heller is about the least judgemental person you’ll meet. Her mission is to empower others through their own personal style evolution. Words Anna Wallace.
This delicious recipe is easier than you might think!
Leeks are so much gentler on my digestive system than their relatives garlic and onions, plus they have a delicate sweetness when cooked that is quite satisfying.
When we take the time to nourish ourselves, not only do we benefit from improved health, normalisation of fat distribution and remission of chronic disease, but our children benefit because this information is passed on through our genes.
Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York will discuss her first adult fiction novel on 28 August, in an exclusive highlight of WORD Christchurch Festival.
Tracy Austin lived as a ‘Jane’ for two days. She had just been named in the initial road cycling squad to try out for the 1990 Auckland Commonwealth Games road cycling team. That same day, she was knocked off her bicycle by a car that went through a stop sign.
It is meant to be a pathway to help smokers quit. But vaping has hit Canterbury schools ‘like a wave’. Is it something to be concerned about? Words Shelley Robinson
Getting involved in making food helps children to build a positive relationship with food.
We learn about food from an early age, so the way we teach our kids to eat and nourish their bodies will have a profound, flow-on effect for their own children.
On average, New Zealanders look five years older than our northern hemisphere counterparts, says New Zealand Society of Cosmetic Medicine (NZSCM) education officer Dr Paul Nola. We have our thin ozone layer and lack of […]
Pretty in pink & in price If your beloved doesn’t at least attempt to get this 15.8-carat Sakura diamond for your engagement ring, then you may want to rethink the whole affair. All they need […]
Building 8000km away, with borders closed and countries in lockdown, would challenge the most determined of homeowners.But for a former Dunedin man and his wife, now living in Singapore, the result has been worth it.Unable […]
Dan Pearson went from being chased to school by machete-wielding thugs to working in Michelin-starred restaurants. But in high octane kitchens, chefs live in a near-constant state of stress and Dan had a decision to make. Words Shelley Robinson
Some people said it wouldn’t work with the Southern Alps as the divider, but Nevé founder Tessa Lyes and her mum Vicki Bastion are creating luxurious candles on opposite coastlines. Words Shelley Robinson
Caroline Cooper-Dixon watched her mother build developments growing up. Now, they create communities together. Words Shelley Robinson
Make the most of the sun’s warmth to help heat your home. Interior designer Michelle Laming has your quick guide to passive heating
Enjoy this cheeky take on a Kiwi classic, while using up the forlorn apples in the bowl that no one has eaten. Words Sarah Burtscher Photo Jet Campbell
Whether it’s an award-winner or a celebrity-backed money-maker, Kate Preece has a gin worth a sip.
Simple changes can make your diet one that nourishes your body and health long-term, says naturopath Deanna Copland.
Visit the natural wonders, including a wildlife sanctuary and a ‘dig-it-yourself’ thermal pool, and luxuriate in beautiful local dining on a road trip around the Bay of Plenty. Words & Photos Laura Smith
Briarwood founder Ange Marshall turned her dream into reality and, with business partner Jayne Thomson, has seen plenty of positive growth.
Research finds Cantabrians appreciate a good set of teeth, yet still put off going to the dentist.
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